Andrew Cencini

Andrew Cencini is a computer scientist whose work includes software and services used by millions of people every day. His interests include large Internet-scale systems, distributed systems, information and communication technology for the developing world, computing for activism, and green computing.

Cencini has been a member of the development teams for Bing, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange hosted services. He has consulted with and developed software for Rackable Systems (now SGI), ZT Systems, Verdiem, and most recently, cloud computing startup Nebula.

Cencini has filed several patent applications related to his work, written and delivered numerous technical articles and presentations, and released NChord, an open-source C# implementation of MIT's Chord distributed hash table.

Cencini is a co-founder and board member of Technology for Public Good (t4pg), which provides technology assistance to non-profit organizations. B.A. (honors), Skidmore College; M.S., University of Washington. Cencini served as a lecturer in computer science at Skidmore College. He joined the Bennington faculty in fall 2012.

Andrew Cencini is on leave through 2017, working with Vapor IO, a company he co-founded, where he is serving as VP of Engineering.

Fall 2014 Schedule

10:00am-12:00pmFuture Studio (Pod)
12:00pm-2:00pmMeetingScience Workshop
2:00pm-4:00pmObject-Oriented ProgrammingFuture Studio (Pod)
4:00pm-6:00pmObject-Oriented Programming